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1 Algebra CIE Additional (0606)

2 Application of Differentation CIE Additional (0606)   (CIE 2020)   CIE(plus2020) FurtherPureMath

3 Area Under Curve CIE Additional(0606)  (CIE-2020)  FurtherPureMath

4 The Binomial Theorem  IB   CIE Question  (CIE-2020)      Myanmar  FurtherPureMath

5 Calculus CIE Additional (0606)  Myarnmar

6 Coordinate Geometry  CIE Additional (0606)  (CIE 2012-2018)   (CIE2018-2020) FurtherPureMath

7 Counting and Probability    Edexcel Mathematics  Myanmar   (CIE-2020)  IB SL

8 Differentation CIE Additional (0606)   MyanmaFurtherPureMath

9 Exponent   CIE Additional (0606)

10 Functions   CIE Additional (0606)  Myanmar  IB SL

11 Graph   CIE Additional (0606)

12 Indices CIE Additional (0606)

13 Integration  CIE Additional (0606)

14 Kinematic  CIE Additional (0606) FurtherPureMath

15 Logarithm CIE Additional (0606)  (CIE2018-2020) FurtherPureMath

16 Matrix     CIE Matrices   Myanmar

17 Area of Sector CIE Additional (0606) (CIE2018-2000)  FurtherPureMath

18 Polynomial CIE Additional (0606)    (CIE2018-2020)     Myanmar FurtherPureMath

19 Quadratic Functions CIE Additional (0606)    (CIE2018-2020)    Myanmar FurtherPureMath  IB SL

20 Set and Notation  CIE Additional (0606)

21 Linear Equations CIE Additional (0606)  IB SL 

22 Surd  CIE Additional (0606)  CIE2020

23 Trigonometry CIE Additional (0606)   Myanmar  FurPureMath1  FurPureMath2 IB SL

24 Vector CIE Additional (0606) Myanmar CIE(2018-2000)   FurtherPureMath IB SL

25 AP and GP   IB  CIE Additional (0606)  Myanmar  FurtherPureMath  FurtherpuremathAP  IB SL

Myanmar Matriculation Old Questions and Answers 

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2019D Solution 

Selected Problems

Integration (Pair Types)  Trigonometry (P2Splus)  Trigonometry (P2S) Trigonometry (Identity)  

A-Math:Additional Mathematics (CIE 0606)
IGSE Cambridge
MM:Myanmar Examination Board MEB
Edexcel:IGCSE London ExaminationIGCSE London
IB:The International BaccalaureateIB Dip

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